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The multiplayer of Modern Combat 5 is the same as most FPS multiplayer, mainly basing gameplay off PvP matches. The weapons carry over from campaign (unlike in Modern Combat 4). The game features 7 different maps. Four are based on locations from the campaign, two return from previous Modern Combat games, and one, called Vantage, is a completely new map added in an update. The map named Overtime has been removed and a new map called Conversion has been added. Players can also form "squads", a feature new to the Modern Combat series. Another new feature is Private Chat, which allows chat between squad members.
Currently there are 5 modes: Free For All, Team Death match, VIP, Capture the Flag and, as of the March 2015 update, Zone Control. Maps include: Canals, set in Venice; Construction Site, set on a construction site; Streets, based on a market place in Japan; Overtime, set indoors at an office block (a map imported from Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour); Scramble, set in a military storage/hangar location; and Rooftops, the smallest map, based on a large square room with stairs leading up to the roof of a building with several rooftop generators and an elevated platform that is the roof of the room. A newer map, Vantage, is one of the biggest maps in the game and features several buildings and open spaces arranged around a wide street. The 1.8 patch brought in another new map, called Conversion, which features an abandoned warehouse with a huge radioactive reactor in the middle. Additional features led to an overhaul of the league system, and community-requested "Custom Lobbys" were added.

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