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The game begins with Vito Scaletta looking through a photo album, as he begins to tell his story in a voiceover. He was born in Sicily in 1925 to an extremely poor family. A few years later, his family immigrates to the fictional city Empire Bay in America, but they are no better off there than they were in Sicily. As he gets older, Vito gets involved with a local criminal named Joe Barbaro, who eventually becomes his best friend. Vito is arrested during a botched robbery and given a choice: go to jail or join the Army. He chooses the latter and is sent to Sicily during World War II to assist as a paratrooper in Operation Husky, before being shot and sent home on leave.

Once home, Vito is discharged courtesy of Joe's mob connections and learns that his dead father left his family in massive debt. Hoping to make money, Vito turns to Joe, who introduces him to Henry Tomasino, an inducted member of the Mafia (otherwise known as a made man) working for mob boss Alberto Clemente. Working under Henry, Vito is introduced to a real life of crime. Though he is able to pay his father's debt, Vito is soon arrested for illegally distributing ration stamps and is sentenced to ten years in prison.
In prison, Vito falls in with a crowd led by Leo Galante, consigliere for another mob boss, Frank Vinci. Galante is able to take nearly four years off of Vito's sentence, and he is released in 1951. Once out, Vito meets up with Joe, who now works for the last of Empire Bay's three mob bosses, Carlo Falcone. Vito starts doing odd jobs for Falcone, eventually becoming a made man in the Falcone crime family and buying a suburban house. Vito and Joe's biggest job comes when they are sent to assassinate Clemente, who ordered the kidnapping of Falcone's accountant and influenced Vinci to turn on him. The assassination does not quite go to plan; Joe's childhood friend Marty is killed by Clemente, and Joe brutally murders the mob boss after he attempts to escape.

Soon after, Vito is approached by Henry, who now wants to work for Falcone after
Clemente's fall. In order to do so, he is ordered to kill Galante at the behest of Falcone, though Vito saves his old friend by convincing Henry to let Galante simply "disappear." Soon after, an Irish mob, who had feuded with Galante in prison, burn his house to the ground in belated retaliation for a jailhouse murder by Vito. Penniless, he turns to Joe, who helps him get revenge and allows him to live in Marty's old apartment until he gets back on his feet. To help Vito get out of debt, Henry gets him and Joe involved in the drug trade, revealing that Falcone is also involved, but will want a large cut of the profits if he discovers their racket. Although the trio are successful, the Triads discover that Henry is a federal informant and savagely kill him in the middle of a park with meat cleavers in broad daylight. Incensed, Vito and Joe seek revenge and shoot up a Chinatown restaurant, killing the Triad enforcer, Mr. Wong - but not before he reveals to them about Henry's true colors. Falcone had already taken his cut, and whatever money had been left for Mr. Wong and the Triads is gone.

Vito and Joe are both now indebted to the Jewish loan shark, Bruno, who loaned them the drug money. Very poor and deep in debt, the duo are tasked to earn most of the money by their own means, which involves petty theft throughout Empire Bay. They manage to get the money back; in the process, they murder Thomas "Tommy" Angelo, the protagonist of the first Mafia game, who has started a new life under the Witness protection program of the FBI. Eventually, Vito learns the truth behind his father's death: he was drowned at the docks on orders of his union boss Derek Pappalardo, caporegime for Frank Vinci. Vito avenges his father by killing Derek and his men, and after rescuing Joe at a construction site from a kidnapping staged by Vinci, discovers that Bruno is the very same loan shark who had loaned Vito's father so much money before his death.

It seems that all is well, but unfortunately, the incident in Chinatown has caused too much tension between Falcone and Vinci, as each believes the other is responsible. In addition to the other incident at the docks and the construction site, Vito is forced by Vinci's men, led by Galante (who has returned to clear things up, knowing that Vito and Joe were the ones actually responsible) and Mr. Wong's superior, to assassinate Falcone in exchange for his own life. With Joe's help, Vito succeeds in doing so and they leave with Galante to celebrate. But when Joe's escort makes an unexpected turn, Vito worriedly and angrily asks where his friend is being taken off to. Galante softly hints that Joe will be killed, much to Vito's despair, and the game ends with a panoramic view of Empire Bay.
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