Best 10 methods to get high traffic to your new blog in 2015 | Must read to survive for new and pro bloggers

Hello friends this is my first post on SEO on my blog and I have made every effort to give you organic ways to get organic traffic to your new blog or website easily!
In this competitive world you need to compete with various rival bloggers and prove yourself on world wide web!

So i have compiled them into total killer 10 ways by which you can get good amount of traffic to your new blog very easily and you wont need to go around on the web to search everything because everything is here!

So lets start the tutorial to get huge traffic to your blog easily! :

1. Write about Alexa :

As you all know that Alexa ranks the sites and it is certified by Google . So if you get good rank in Alexa then your half job is Done!
You can write articles about Alexa ranking or some tutorials related to Alexa , etc.
You can put Alexa Widget in your blog to get your Page rank and also Links in.
Whats Links in ?
----> Well.. links in is the amount of backlinks given to you by other sites or blogs to your blog.

2. Register on google webmaster tools right now! :

You have to register your blog or site on webmaster tools on Google first as you know that Google is the largest used search engine in  the world and you wont wish to loose half of your traffic by just forgetting to register on webmaster tools of Google.
Just add your blog or site to webmaster tools and then click on crawl and then fetch as Google.
After the google fetches your data from your home page then your content would appear in the search result. Also register on Bing webmaster tools to get traffic from Bing also. Once you register on Bing you wont require to register on Yaaho! because search results are basically merged together

3. Ping your blog daily (Auto Ping the blog) :
What does Ping mean?
---> So ping basically is the action by which you are telling the search engines that you have new content in your blog and you're inviting the index bots to crawl and index your site.
If you want to ping your blog or site automatically then go to google ping
and ping your blog. Put their URL in a widget into your template via layout and then they will ping your blog daily!

4. Write quality Content:
This is the thing that most bloggers must follow to get good traffic in the blog.
If you've quality content then your blog will be a great hit!
Remember use simple language but good grammer to get others to understand you perfectly!

5. Promote your blog :
You can promote your content on Facebook , Twitter and google+.
Note that Google plus plays a very important role if you're on blogger platform. Please enable auto share in your blog settings to automatically share your blog posts to google+
Create a facebook page and promote your page on various sites including your own blog!
You can contact me at to get any answers on any of your FAQs

6. Use a good and clean template:

Now this is what we call simplicity matters. You may think that a very colourful template would be best for your new blog but remember that the visitors dont like very eye hurting colours and time spend in loading your site also increases your Bounce Rate.
Whats bounce rate?
---> So bounce rate is basically the time spent by the reader or say visitor on your blog or site.
If your page loading time is more . You are likely to loose much of your traffic and visitors would close the tab of their browser and move on!

7. Put meta tags in your template:
Okay so this matters a lot . Meta tags tell the search engine about the info and content of your blog or site. If meta tags are not there in your template then put them right away!
Copy and paste below code after the tag in your template

Just change the author name,mail ID, google plus URL and site URL

8. Don't ever do copying and pasting :
To tell you honestly... This was the first rule I ever learnt when I became a blogger .
I used to copy paste posts from other blogs but then after some days I came to know about DMCA and copyright Violation . So then onwards i stopped my that buisness :)
When you copy and paste the search engines would penalize your blog and your all hard work would go in vain.  That Would be definatley a nightmare for any blogger on the earth !

9. Use SEO post titles :

Just read the title of the post once more. Look there i have mentioned each and every handy and searchable word which a general user would search on a search engine.
So remember always to use good SEO titles which explain your whole post in a single line :) .  This would be beneficial to you as the users who need the help would finally land to your blog and praise you for your work!

10. Guest posting:
You can do guest posting on other blogs to get some traffic by posting a backlink at the end of each post in that particular blog or site where you are guest posting.
It proves beneficial when you guest post on the site or blog of your nichie so that you may get high quality back links and you may get good page rank!

If anything is left then you are free to tell and comment I will add hose  also with credits :)
Goodluck :)

by yuvraj pawar