How to change/Spoof your MAC address within seconds! | 2 minutes tutorial

Hello friends here i am to give you trick to spoof mac address fo any mobile phone(Mainly android)

Follow these steps to spoof
Spoofing MAC address==>           

 Although MAC address is inserted on the software of device during it's manufacture,yet you can disguise or spoof your MAC address of your android smartphone. Follow theese steps to spoof your MAC address:-»         

 1. Get to know your current MAC address.You can do this by following this route=>    menu->settings    ->About device->staus -> MAC address. Note down your current MAC adress. It would read something like (E5:13:D7:E5:68:96).         

2. Now check out the requirements.......               

a- Rooted Android phoneTo know more click here.            
b -BusyBox app installed on your phone.      

c. Download Terminal APP : Click here!

3. Open Terminal apk and type these commands as fish~~»     $su     $busybox iplink show eth0     [Your current MAC address will be shown. Note it down.]         

 4. Note again type the command as fish below~~»     $busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether     **:**:**:**:**:**      { replace **:**:**:**:**:** with your new MAC address.}      

 5. Now you have successfully disguised Your mac address


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