Steps to Install 1GB RAM games on 512MB RAM devices Windows phone

Bought a Lumia with 512MB and want to install applications and games that are only available for devices with 1GB of RAM? So I have the solution for you. Follow this simple tutorial and download more games
Go to Settings> Wi-Fi and connect to a network.
Click on the network that you have connected and activate the item “Proxy”
Fill in the fields: Server / URL: 117135139179 Port: 8888
• Click “Done” and minimize the Wi-Fi Setup (press the Home key)
• Open the “Store” and search for the game you want (if the search does not work, try manually)
• By clicking “Install” will appear an error message, click OK and minimize Store (press the Home key)
• Go back to Settings> Wi-Fi and turn off the “Proxy”, then click Done.
• Go back to the store using the Multi-tasking (press the back button), and install the game normally.


will this trick work cz have lumia 630

any problem appear after this trick