Change your Google plus profile name in two steps

This is the simplest tutorial that i ever wrote
Many times we type our different name on G+ and then become frustrated
by it. and also only if u will be searched by your wrong name then only you will appear in the search result.
Which is a headache for your popularity.
There was a same situation of me yesterday itself
my name's spelling is "yuvraj" but when I made the G+ and gmail acc I put there "yuraj"
So it was really very frustrating becoz whenever people searched me by my real name
I did not appear in the search results but when they sesarched me by my wrong spelling then I was the first in the search results
So I decided to change my name
So I xplored and xplored the G+ in order to change my first name
then I came accross a post on another website where it was given but very half a detail was given
So I made it simple and I am here to help you all out!

Now first of all you need to login to your gG+ acc

1.Now click on your profile in the upper right corner of the screen and click view profile
2. Click on your name just below your profile picture and change it!!!

Voila!!!  Name changed!!!

Any probs then feel free to cmmnt here :)