High Disk Usage In Windows 8 And 8.1 Finally Solved

IF u r here looking for the solution for 100% disk usage
in 8 and 8.1 then u r at the right place!
I searched all the computer error forums,etc but was not successfull
So I tried to solve the problem BY MY own
and after long time it finally got solved!
FOLLOW the steps below to get u r system recovered of the error

I combined the things whichg caused this thing for different users:
this problem takes place due to following things:

1.comodo internet security
2.virtual memory
3. AVG antivirus or internet secuurity
4. Superfetch service
5. windows indexer
6.Automatic updates
7. power plan
8.Auto defragmentionn

solution for prob no.1
Unistall comodo internet security

Solution for prob no. 2

1. double click My computer

2. Right click anywhere in my computer and select properties

3.Then Click on advanced system settings

4. in advanced tab click on performance settings

5.click advanced

6. under virtual memory click change

7. select custom size
8. set initial size to the size of u r ram

9. max to double the size of u r ram

done!  restart

Solution for problem no.3
Remove AVG

solution for problem no. 4

This occurs in majority of win 8 and 8.1 PC's
1.Press win + R key
2. type services.msc
3.Search for superfetch service
4.right click and select properties
5. chang eht e"startup mtype to disabled
6. click on recovery tab and set first failure to take no action
and all 2 to same
click ok

DONE! restart

Solution for problem no.5

1.press win+R
2. type services.msc
3.locate wsearch  service
4. Right click it and select properties
5.change startup type to disabled
6.click on recovery tab
7.chanfe first failure to take no action
and also other two too

8.CLick ok


Solution for problem no. 6

Disable automatic updates

Solution for problem no.7

1.go to control panel and search for power
2.change the power plan to performance


Solution for problem no. 8
Disable auto defragmntion


I hope this helped u all out of the frustrating problem

Commnts will most welcomed :) no probs